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Monday, June 4, 2007 from


At the time of this article, Heaven4Sure was doing some advertising through an internet search engine in an attempt to bring searchers (seekers) to to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. The approach was very broad as we are seeking to reach people from all walks of life - including different lifestyles, religious beliefs, dependencies and attitudes. We identified over 100 words that people may search for on the internet. When they search for any one of those 100 words, the www.heaven4sure website is advertised on the page containing their search results. If they click on the heaven4sure ad they are taken to the website.

Two words that consistently attract a significant proportion of visits to is 'gay' and ‘lesbian.’ People sitting at their keyboard, typing in these words see the list of results from their search and then notice the small advertisement about being sure of heaven and finding peace, and those same people are visiting the website. Maybe you are one of them.

Maybe you are gay or lesbian.

Thank you for coming to this site. We are happy to have you here.

I hope you will see a different side to Christianity than you often see portrayed on television and a minority of protesting, placard carrying people professing to be 'christian' and calling themselves 'evangelical.'  People chanting hate slogans on the streets  under the name of 'Christianity'  or 'evangelism' are doing a tragic disservice to the beautiful message of Jesus Christ for every individual on this planet - regardless of  who they are, what they believe or what they have done.

While you're at this site, read this personal story of how a gay lifestyle and Jesus Christ intersected and the outcome was and still is extremely positive - not only right now but for eternity.

Maybe you are a seeker. Interestingly, three others words/phrases that bring a considerable number of people to this website are: ‘life sucks’, ‘goths’ and 'gambling'.

Maybe you are one of those who are searching for new avenues to give you peace inside. Perhaps you feel alone in your struggles. You feel ‘different.’ Maybe you feel marginalized by society. It could be you have a lot of pent up anger inside. You may be thirsting for true love and unconditional acceptance. Often people are saddled with guilt and work hard to suppress their worries about the track they are on. Sadly, sometimes people know it is all wrong but they don’t see any way out.

Is that you?

Have you considered God’s love? Have you asked yourself why Jesus died on the Cross? I talk to people and email people who are approaching life from many different angles. Sadly, many have picked up vibes from segments of the Christian community that God does NOT love them. Posters, placards, and protests help to create this impression. They feel that Christians are attacking them, shunning and snubbing them. They reason: well if that’s what Christians are like, that must be what God is like.

If you have felt this way, I want to assure you that the God of the Bible loves you as much as He loves anyone else on this planet. God does not love some more and others less. God does not discriminate based on the types of sins people engage in or lifestyles people pursue. If you want to know more about the beautiful heart of God, read the four Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Observe the actions of Jesus and the type of people He blessed, saved and satisfied.

Friend, God shuns no one. God gives no one the cold shoulder.

Let’s face it - absolutely no one qualifies for Heaven based on their own merits. Everyone has been damaged by sin. Sin in the human family goes back to the very beginning of the human race. That’s where it originated. Down through the centuries and millennia, sin has been our Number #1 problem. Every negative action, tendency, feeling, incident and behaviour in the world is the result of sin.

The God of the Bible is a HOLY God and He hates sin of all stripes. He does not condone or approve any kind of sin. No sin will ever enter heaven. Sins of straight people and sins of gay people. Sins of religious people and sins of atheists. Sins of criminals and business sins of corporate CEO’s. Sins of drug addicts and sins of tea-totallers.

God is Holy. The Bible tells us: “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God” or have fallen below God’s perfect standard. (Romans 3:23) No human being has a reason to snub another person as if one is less loved by God than another. God says that none of us have anything to be proud of or to boast about. Sin and darkness afflicts every human heart – it just manifests itself in different ways in different people in different situations – but it is all sin.

God is just as ‘anxious’ to show His love and salvation to a Goth as He is to a community do-gooder. When God sent His Son Jesus into the world to die on the Cross for sins, He was just an ‘anxious’ to establish a basis for forgiveness and a way of salvation for a gay person as a straight person.

On what basis could God forgive sins?

Could He just ignore our sins or ‘sweep our sins under a carpet’? Could He turn ‘a blind eye’ to our wrongs and carry on as if we were measuring up to His Holy standard?

Not only is God a God of Perfect Holiness, He is a God of Inflexible Justice and Consistent Fairness. Any and all sin is a violation against the Holy God. No sin can be overlooked by God. All sin must be punished. God shows no bias, favoritism or partiality. He is consistently fair. Romans 6:23 says: ‘the wages of sin is death.

But God is also the God of Infinite Love. When Jesus died on the Cross you see God’s Holiness, Justice and Love all in the one scene. God so loved the world of perishing sinners that He sacrificially gave His only unique Son to take the punishment for our sins. Jesus, the perfect and innocent One died for sins He never committed. They were our sins. The Apostle Peter said: “who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree…” 1Peter 2:24. Because Jesus paid for your sins and mine by His death on the Cross, God says: whoever believes (trusts, accepts, embraces or rests) in Christ, will not perish in Hell but will have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Here is the good news. God’s record of all your sins can be completely cleaned off. Every sin can be washed away. Every bit of guilt removed. Here’s how the Apostle John put it: “The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from ALL sin.” 1John 1:7

God wants to not only save you from your sins in this life but to have you in Heaven with Himself for eternity. He really does love you. Could He have given you any greater proof of His love than what He did for you at Calvary when Jesus died on the Cross? The Cross is how much He loves you.

Christ is waiting for you to embrace Him as your personal Saviour. The acceptance that you crave, you will find in Christ. The love you are searching for, you will find in Christ the Saviour. The security you want will be found in Him. The emptiness and void you have within will be filled by Christ. The peace you want inside will come, the moment you trust Christ as your Saviour. The change you need in your life is Christ. You can’t transform your life – Christ can!!

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